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Types Of Somalia Visa

Somalia visas are classified into two categories; short-term and long-term visas, depending on the purpose of your visit.

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    Additional steps you may take:
    • Check the current validity of your passport and the availability of blank visa pages

    • Contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Somalia

      Take advantage of our extensive embassy and consular database to find the nearest one. Upon contacting the embassy confirm the required documents, the time it takes to process the visa and whether the consulate accepts applications by mail.

    Additional information
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      Somalia Visa Policy

      Somalia has a visa policy that determines the requirements for foreigners, and these regulations are dynamic but change from time to time. Different regions in the country are in the hands of different groups, some of which are religious extremists like Al Shabab. The dominant power in a region is responsible for making the rules, and these groups are always in constant conflict in a fight for supremacy and territories.

      However, the overarching policy is determined by the administrative authorities in Mogadishu. Under the current rules, all visitors must hold valid visas to enter Somalia. The visa can be granted at external missions, but most are issued on arrival at the entry point.

      Somalia Visa On Arrival

      Somalia Visa on arrival is valid for 30 days and issued at different airports in the country. The airports include Kismayo Airport, Bosaso Airport, Abdullahi Yusuf Airport, Garowe Airport, and Aden Adde International Airport.

      Due to a lack of a significant number of foreign missions operating abroad and the fractious situation at home, most Foreign nationals get visas on arrival at the above points.

      Somalia Short-Term Visas

      Short-term visas are those that will be at most 90 days. Such visas are issued as paper documents for all manner of short-term visits. They are issued abroad so the holder can visit to pursue their interests. Here are the different types

      Somalia Long Term Visas

      Somalia has a long-term visa category for those who wish to stay in the country for longer periods. Most holders of these types of visas are issued residency so they can become legal residents of the country. Long-term visas have a duration that exceeds 90 days, and they can be extended based on the circumstances and discretion of the immigration officer.

      However, not all applicants may acquire this visa at first; many must get a short-term visa before extending their stay a few times before qualifying for it. Here are common examples of long-term visas.

      Somalia Travel Information

      The situation in Somalia remains volatile, and locals and foreigners are always in danger of escalating violence between armed groups in the country. Most governments discourage citizens from traveling to Somalia, but you must take this information to heart.

      Islam: Islam is the major religion of Somalia, and it meshes with the local culture. Avoid criticizing the religion, cultural practices, and way of life of the people. Also, avoid criticizing the mullahs and authorities in the country, as such comments are unappreciated.

      Be Respectful: Avoid asking questions that offend the senses of the locals. Questions or remarks that make the locals feel uncivilized or uneducated will draw open rebuke from them.

      Contentious Issues: Issues bordering on politics and the conflict that has engulfed the country for years are quite contentious, even among Somalians. Only talk about such issues and keep your opinion to yourself if surrounded by educated and tolerant people. Even so, be mindful of your comments. If you are perceived to be taking sides, you may attract unnecessary enemies.

      Respect For Elders: Respect for elders is a part of the local culture, so be careful when interacting with an elder; talk less but listen keenly. Express your objection to their point of view calmly and respectfully so you don't come across as disrespectful.

      Land Border: Much of the land borders with Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti are porous and controlled by insurgents. Avoid traveling by land; if you must, go in groups protected by armed escorts.

      Vaccination: Take vaccines if necessary and bring medications like painkillers, anti-malaria drugs, etc. Medications are expensive in the country, and their genuineness cannot be guaranteed.

      Somalia e-Visa Online – Get your Somalia e-Visa with VisaHQ

      If you have decided to visit the North Eastern country of Somalia in Africa, you will need all the updated information you can get. Somalia is often referred to as a failed state by scholars because it has been at war with itself for decades, but the situation isn't as bad as it once was. However, traveling to Somalia carries its own risk, so be informed.  

      Somalia COVID-19 travel restrictions

      • Entry is open
        Somalia has resumed international flights, and most domestic restrictions have been lifted.
        Prior to arrival requirements
        Valid passport. Valid national passport with at least 6 month remaining validity after the date of departure.
        Valid visa. Please see the instructions above if visa is needed and apply.
        Negative COVID-19 testAnyone arriving to Somalia will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test, no older than 72 hours. Fully vaccinated arrivals are exempt.
        Upon arrival restrictions
        🏠Quarantine Anyone arriving without test results, or that is showing symptoms, will be quarantined for 14 days.
        😷Masks are not required

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      Frequently Asked Questions about Somalia visa

          Somalia Embassy list in United States of America

          Somalia Customs

          Import Regulations Export Regulations Health and Security Contact Customs Authorities
              Somali Customs contact information
              For further assistance please contact the Somali Customs authorities directly. They will provide the latest information about customs regulations and export-import procedures.

              • Phone

              For additional information about travel restrictions, security warnings, political updates, and basic travel guidelines, please contact the nearest Somali Embassy.


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